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Affirmative action

Poison Ivy

"American universities like to think of themselves as engines of social justice, thronging with 'diversity'. But how much truth is there in this flattering self-image? Over the past few years Daniel Golden has written a series of coruscating stories in the Wall Street Journal about the admissions pratices of America's elite universities, suggesting that they are not so much engines of social justice as bastions of privilege. Now ha has produced a book - 'The Price of Admission: How America's Ruling Class Buys Its Way into Elite Colleges - and Who Gets Left Outside the Gates' - that deserves to become a classic. Mr Golden shows that elite universities do everything in their power to admit the children of privilege. If they cannot get them in through the front door by relaxing their standards, then they smuggle them in through the back. No less than 60% of the places in elite universities are given to candidates who have some of extra 'hook', from rich of alumni parents to 'sporting prowess'. The number of whites who benefit from this affirmative action is far greater than the number of blacks. (...)"

("The Economist", Sept 23rd-29th, p.52)


At 3:04 da tarde, setembro 24, 2006, Blogger AChata said...

What else is NEW?

At 3:39 da tarde, setembro 24, 2006, Blogger Hugo Mendes said...

Novo talvez não, mas que venha comentado no "The Economist" parece-me interessante.


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